2nd Annual Central Valley All-Star Game Review

The Central Valley All-Star Game highlights the best girls and boys at the 7th and 8th grade levels in the Fresno area. Established by Fresno basketball legend Demetrius Porter, the game showcased growth of Fresno area basketball, primarily the ability for young players to shoot the basketball but also an increase in one-on-one play, understanding spacing and an increase in speed/agility training. Porter operates the best basketball program in Fresno with his ability to identify and cultivate talent that was on full display.


7th Grade Girls

  • Ramie Chatmon (G-2027) dominated basketball for her team and made plays for herself and others. fanatic plays with so much joy ability to handle the basketball in traffic, and ability to finish at the rim were unique. After her game was over, she stayed and watched the games with her dad.
  • Sasha Walton (G/F-2027). Scored and rebounded better than anyone in the game. She displayed three-point range and skills that should develop into her being one of the top guards at her level.
  • Alexis Valenzuela
  • Other All-Stars
  • Jordan Powel.            Chyna Roland
  • Ava Nugent                 Mia Mclemore
  • Kailani Ortiz               Averie Stevenson
  • Ziane Williams           Aaliyah Williams
  • Zoee Cabral                 Amieya Walters
  • Jaymee Hicks             Gabriella Gomez
  • Kimora Gardner


7th Grade Boys

  • Prince Logan raining threes for the white team.
  • Broden Burger white showed a lot of promise as a passer and is growing into his game.
  • Spencer Kubit in was another big-time shooter with deep range on his jump shot.
  • Sier Harbin in white was another shooter for white. Great off the bounce with his jump shot.
  • Thompson ReyBurn MVP showed promise as a basketball. He has great feel for how to play.
    • Tristian Porter            Gavin Johnson
    • Ty Schalk                      Carvel Wafer
    • Dominick Duran         Cadien Jackson
    • Lawrence Moor           Jeremias Killebreq
    • Enzo Rochin                 Kayden Burnley
    • Raymond Brown          Dominick Olanrewaju
    • Eddie Ramey                Carter Cabrevo
    • K’Vion Lavon                Bayon Harris
    • Jackson Silverstorm    Cobi Posas
    • Keon Hill


8th Girls Grade

  • Nyliegh Gregory, named the most outstanding player of the game, is a real talent. Gregory displayed great handle, the ability to finish at the basket, shoot the ball and secondary one on one moves. She is a real ball player showed the ability to break players down and is natural basketball player.
  • Sadie Sin may be the best ball handler in her class in the central valley and also shows the ability to shoot the ball from range. If she continues grow, could be special talent.
  • Yasmine Aguilera, named the MVP of the game, proved to be shooter and scorer. She got hot and made a number of threes during the game.
  • Shelly Andrade was the best rebounder in the game also is a capable three pointer. Has nose for the ball.
    • Apajok Ayven           Jalissa Miranda
    • Destiny Morales      Jade Holland
    • Josline Martinez     Nyang Ayven
    • Taylor Larkin          Victoria Reyes
    • Natalie Luna           Jasmine Martinez
    • Celeste Mack           Savana Chase
    • Malohni Warren    Cameron Macias
    • Naveah Reece         Katy Shubin
    • Kinsley Saledo        Kyah Bartlett
    • Leilah Haynes.       Milly Rojas
    • Jaylin Jasso

8th Boys Grade

  • Keon Hill won the MVP.
  • Sajinn Sidhu was named the game’s most outstanding player
  • Dalan Felder showed the ability to shoot.
  • Jace Kellogg is shifty guard with great footwork.
  • Devin Gaines has a bout potential and could be a very good long-term prospect. Shoots well and good finisher. Motor is low though. Needs to play harder.
  • Jadien Martine white is a pure shooter.
  • Jackson Scarborough is going to be good. Shoots the ball well, passes well and has a high basketball IG. Possible pro if he continues to get better and become more disciplined in his jump shot and gets stronger.
  • Ladell Farmer is a long finisher and defender that could be a sleeper as a college prospect.
    • Kia Alfa                         Payton Powell
    • Sean Smith                   Noah Coulton
    • Anthone Whitfield      Jayden Holtz
    • Elias Gish                      Brody Rawe
    • Parker Spees                 Myron Pondexter
    • Donnovan Smith          Mekea Admunsen
    • Lafayette Firerson       Nico Sanchez
    • Emmanuel Morgan     Aiden Beechler
    • Josh Padilla                  Julius Zamora
    • Izaivian Goode             Josiah Pulido
    • Val Vasquez                  Carter Finley
    • Maurice Brandon Madison
    • Jahlil Rio

Fresno 2027 and 2028 Player Rankings

7th Grade Girls

  1. Ramie Chatmon
  2. Jordan Powell
  3. Sasha Walton
  4. Alexis Valenzuela
  5. Chyna Roland


7th Grade Boys

  1. Asher Thompson
  2. Broden Burger
  3. Ty Schalk
  4. Bayon Harris
  5. Dominick Olanrewaju


8th Girls Grade

  1. Savana Chase
  2. Sadie Sin
  3. Nyliegh Gregory
  4. Yasmine Aguilera
  5. Shelly Andrade


8th Boys Grade

  1. Keon Hill won the MVP.
  2. Sajinn Sidhu was named the game’s most outstanding player
  3. Devin Gaines
  4. Jackson Scarborough
  5. Ladell Farmer



Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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