Category: Health


1. Sleep The absolute best thing that you can do for injuries and maintenance is sleep. Sleeping shuts off the body and recharges and rebuilds cells. Cells are the core of who we are. 


2. Diet Without giving a specific diet to follow, most of what you eat should have fueling and healing properties. If it doesn’t, its probably doing the opposite. 


3. Yoga Here’s what we know. People who participate in Yoga have a better quality of  life. For athletes with tight bodies and high stress levels, Yoga can elongate muscle fibers thereby lowering the risk of injury and promotes the healing process. 

Load Management

5. Load Management Understanding of the human body has changed. Long term, sports tend to break the body down and unfortunately seasons have not shortened as we’ve gotten smarter. Parents and players have to be smarter as to how much they play, even if that means sitting out without an injury.