Overtime Elite Creating A Buzz

Professional basketball players can generally make a good living financially through their contracts. The NBA and various countries overseas provide the opportunity for young men to become very wealthy. Meanwhile college players and elite high school stars have been playing for free which has turned into a hot topic over the years.

Multimedia sports brand Overtime is trying to change that. Overtime Elite has started a professional basketball league that will offer high school basketball players an alternative to college in preparation for the NBA. Overtime Elite will feature 27 of the nation’s top prospects from ages 16-19. The athletes guaranteed minimum salary will be $100,000, in addition there will be bonuses and equity in the company given to each player. Along with a good compensation plan the athletes have access to healthcare and benefits with the opportunity to have their college tuition paid for if the athlete chooses not to pursue an NBA career the next year.

The teams roster will be constructed of three nine-man teams based in Atlanta that will compete in 37 events made up of Overtime Elite League Series, Prep Challenges, Pro Sim Games, Takeovers and Playoffs. The games start from Oct. 29- March 25. The League features players from the U.S, France, Belgium, Philippines, Romania, Spain, The Dominican Republic. The teams will be coached by Dave Leitao, Ryan Gomes, and Tim Fanning. Kevin Ollie will be the lead Head Coach responsible for over seeing all three teams and rosters.

The league has big names that are financially backing them. Current NBA players Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson to name a few. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, entertainer’s Drake, Rihanna. In addition players will receive in education from certified teaching instructors in small group settings. The curriculum will include social justice advocacy, media training, financial literacy, mental health.


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Patrick McLaughlin

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