Nobody Wants It With JuJu

There is one basketball player that comes around every few years that has the IT Factor. Everything works. Jump shot falls. The handle on the basketball is pure and effortless. The passes thrown are make it through traffic. Meet Judea “JuJu” Watkins (G-C/O 2023), the one of the best player in her class. We’ve been following her since her seventh grade season and every year she has dominated women’s amateur basketball. She is showing a formula that amateur women in basketball should follow.

The Importance of NIL

The Los Angeles area native and Sierra Canyon High School star is compiling an extraordinary basketball resume. It’s hard to believe that she won’t continue to dominate the women’s game, all the way up to the WNBA. With that, sports agency Clutch Sports has signed her as a client. This is a clear indicator that she can generator revenue as a brand. 

Currently and unfairly women are required to stay in college for four years. Im certain that although she will be playing amateur basketball, she will make a lot of money and have supreme financial success. NIL has opened doors for amateur athletes that make it easier from them to stay in college. JuJu controlling her likeness means that she can control her brand. Controlling her brand means that she can strategically partner with others to produce revenue.

Her game is not one that is filled with a lot of flash but is incredibly efficient. She isn’t the fastest player on the court but gets to scoring spots. She doesn’t have the greatest handle, but you’re not taking the ball from her. She uses her weight as needed to apply pressure to defenders. She reads pick and roll situations well for just making the transition to point guard. I would be lying if I said she didn’t have the mental edge on peers. When you watch her play, most of her defenders want no part of the work she’s giving out. You can see it in their faces. Low key, they might be enjoying the show along with us.

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Most important is her impact on winning. Her teams win games. Her teammates enjoy playing with JuJu and her demeanor never changes on the court. Even with the Run 2023 ranking her number one, all reports say that she continues to work on her game and grow as a basketball player. I don’t want to say that anyone has a chance to be JuJu, but you can try.


Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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