Athletes Value in Society

Maya Moore opting to not play and focus on social injustice. Football players like Ryan Clark talk about how racism and prejudice have affected he and his family. Tom Brady post a pic of George Floyd. Drew Brees started in with the argument that the flag was being disrespected, but was then back tracked on his statement after his New Orleans Saints.

” Colin Kaepernick was right. The unwarranted killing of unarmed people of color at the hands of the police is out of control.

Bubba Wallace has probably seen the most in racism having to be around Confederate flags flying at NASCAR races. Found a noose in his garage. Received an outpouring of support from fellow drivers. Although President Donald Trump attacked Wallace and seemingly endorse the use of the Confederate flag, most of the general public continues to support Wallace.

On college campuses athletes are holding their coaches and administrators accountable. Mississippi Universities advocate the removal of confederate symbol from state flag. UNLV removed the Rebel as its logo.
The glowing element here is that athletes are supporting the fight against social injustice. The idea of people with the mentality prejudices and bigotry is slowly dying. 


Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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