Becoming A Basketball Player

I’ve talked about the three components of offensive basketball, shooting, passing and dribbling. But when do use them as a basketball player?

In general, my belief is that any time your open, within your shooting range, you are obligated to shoot. If you are being defended well, you should use the dribble to get to an open shot. If after using the dribble you can’t get an open shot, pass the ball to someone who is open. This is the beginning of what I call processing the game. You must process the game and make reads accordingly.

Decision-Making on the court

Changing the mindset is the start of being able to process the game of basketball. Where most basketball players go wrong is in their decision-making after reading the play in front of them. There is so much glamour around scoring the basketball, most players only use two of the three offensive skills, shoot and dribble. Pass tends to be an afterthought.  To further complicate things, most players stand and ball-beg (call for the ball). Decision-making and feel for the game are subjective. Most times there is no real right or wrong play.  Equally, just because a player makes a shot does not make that decision the best of all available options. Understand this, one must know that the coach does not have to accept the option chosen by the player as one that benefits the team. Therefore, said player may find him or herself sitting next to the coach on the bench for an extended period if that processing does not align with the team’s philosophy.



Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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