Three Things Your Better Know As A Young Player

Every so often we need to make sure that you understand that there are three components of offensive basketball, shooting, passing and dribbling. But when do use them as a basketball player? Basketball players better know how to do all of these.


The belief is that any time your open, within your shooting range, you are obligated to shoot. Most other decisions end in a turnover. Most players play the game to shoot but a lot a players lose confidence (a lot of them won’t admit that). Shooting is an art form that need to be worked on constantly.  

Decision-Making on the court

Good passers are hard to find. Its even harder to find a passer that can shoot. Passing is something that you can work on but is something that is usually hard wired into the player. 

Dribbling is another one of those things that can be work on. Using the dribble properly is something that can be hard to understand; when to dribble and how to use the dribble to create a shot for yourself or others is a lot of responsibility for a one player. 

Pulling all of these elements together are easier said than done. A player can also be a specialist but the game of basketball is not nearly as fun.

Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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