Crafting: Chet Holgren

After every NBA draft, we the fan want to know who the winners and losers were. The 2022 draft had some twist and turns in the top three picks. Paolo Banchero being drafted first overall was unexpected. The third pick Jabari Smith, was widely considered the first  overall pick prior to the draft. Chet Holgren though, was rock solid with the second pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder. 


Chet is one of the more unique talents the game has seen no matter how you look at it. Basketball evaluators are torn in every direction on Holgren. I first saw Minneapolis native as a sophomore in high school.  He has couple of undeniable skills. He is as good of a shot blocker as any NBA draft pick. He can block shots with both hands and changes as many shots as he blocks. His jumper is “true.” He has little to no wasted motion and as long as he plays power forward or center, we won’t be guarded close at the three point line by heavier, slower defenders. His ability to handle the at his size was uncanny. He doesn’t get the ball taken from him while handling the ball full court. His toughness is undeniable. 

The concerns start to mount around Chet in college. Gonzaga basketball has grown in popularity over the last ten years under head coach Mark Few. Gonzaga does not play in a strong conference and while they have been able to garner some talent, the teams in the West Coast Conference (WAC) have not been as fortunate. Chet was hard to gauge in comparison other professional basketball prospects that play in tougher conferences. The biggest of all concerns is his weight. At over seven feet tall, he weighs right at two hundred pounds. He’s rail thin. That can cause he and the Oklahoma City Thunder a lot of problems. It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not Chet can take the force and pounding that centers and power forwards. 

Chet Holgren's Pros and Cons

I guess only time will tell how Chet’s career will play out. Some have offered the idea that the NBA is looking for the next homegrown “white hope.” Whether true or not it doesn’t discount Holgren being a real player but living up to the weight of being the second overall will be a real challenge. 

Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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