Shooters Club

Shooting is the most fundamental part of basketball. This crossword is one that highlights some of the greatest shooters in NBA history. For taking the time to read this, here is a freebee; Calvin Murphy is one of the answers.


1. Houston color guy with the strangest hair for a brova

2. Brew company

3. TMC

4. Cleveland sticker

5. His son is a five star recruit in the high school class of 2023.

9. Soccer player

11. He was a military brat who played on two championship teams.

13. Better than all of his sons

15. Jazz brought him in to make a run at the crown


6. Better call Saul

7. French Licks own

8. TMC

10. Can come brown if you ask…

12. Maybe the best GM ever.

14. Würzburg would be proud

16. Late, put 40 on MJ.

17. Dad couldn’t shoot but he could

18. His dad was a shooter for an expansion team.

Randy Holcomb

Randy Holcomb

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