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Creating An NBA Super Hero

Turning yourself into an NBA player is a combination of a few key components. None of them are more important than creating a fictional character.

Having a Backstory – Develop a detailed true backstory. Think about their origins, upbringing, and any defining life events that shaped them. Teams love that kind of stuff. pedigree and bloodline matter. Moms and dads playing basketball is a good thing. Coming from a solid background is a positive, but any scenario is fine if you play it up. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s early life was tough. The son of African immigrants, he grew up poor in Greece selling goods on the street with his brothers. He was not recognized as a national in Greece until he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Play up Your Undeniable Skill – You have to be able to star in your role. Basketball is a sport where most players don’t know their strengths and weaknesses. Figuring that out and focusing on that skill is crucial. Turn that skill into a superpower. Make fans believe that in that skill.

Choose a Name – Your name is your name but having a nickname makes you a household name. Air Jordan, Mamba, Slick, Magic, Shaq, A.I., and Mac are all names that we associate with players.

Develop Enemies – Honestly, you can play for the art of the game, but people want to see you compete against other teams and beat them. Even if you don’t hate the other team, having your fans believe you do is important. It’s also OK to be the villain. Draymond Green is hated by most and has developed enemies all over the NBA but he’s valuable to the four-time champion Golden State Warriors.  

Design a Costume or Outfit – Dress to impress on the basketball. The uniform is one thing, arm sleeves, socks, compression, and other accessories give you a look that people remember. 

Embrace Growth and Change – Basketball players often undergo character development throughout their journeys. You will learn from their mistakes, acquire new skills, or change their values. Allow yourself to evolve. Steph Curry was not a household name when he came into the league. Over the years, he has grown into an all-time great. Not only has he grown into the greatest shooter, he’d go on to become a better passer and leader. 

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